July 14, 2016

Kent Smith on the Future of BIDs, LA’s Fashion District, and DTLA Mobility

In part two of The Planning Report’s exit interview with Kent Smith, outgoing Executive Director of LA’s Fashion District Business Improvement District, Smith talks about how the Fashion District continues to change and evolve as Downtown Los Angeles enters a new era.

July 11, 2013

Plaintiff Yuval Bar-Zemer Challenged LA City ‘Arts District’ BID, and Judge Ordered Dissolution

Yuval Bar-Zemer, co-founder and managing partner of Linear City, the developer of the 7+Bridge Lofts in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, discusses the lawsuit against the Arts District Business Improvement District, which was recently decided in favor of the plaintiffs.

June 3, 2013

Court Challeges the Legitimacy of LA City BIDs

Estela Lopez, Executive Director of the Central City East Association, discusses the dissolution of the Downtown Arts District Business Improvement District.


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