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June 7, 2024

Book Review: Broken City, Land Speculation, Inequality, and Urban Crisis. by Setha Low, Ph.D.

Patrick M. Condon's book, *The Broken City: Land Speculation, Inequality, and Urban Crisis*, addresses the escalating housing costs and rents in major cities worldwide, attributing the crisis to land speculation, stagnant wages, and neoliberal policies. Through an analysis of historical data and economic theory, Condon explores the intricate relationships between land, labor, and capital, highlighting how rising land values and inadequate shelter contribute to socioeconomic inequality and health disparities, as starkly evidenced during the COVID-19 pandemic. He examines various international and local solutions, emphasizing the potential of modern land value taxes and zoning reforms to mitigate the urban housing crisis. Condon's comprehensive approach offers insightful strategies to create more equitable and sustainable urban environments.

May 30, 2024

A One on One With LA 43rd City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto

Hydee Feldstein Soto, the 43rd City Attorney of Los Angeles, has restructured her office to improve transparency, accountability, and collaboration, establishing new branches focused on real estate, public rights, and consumer protection. Her priorities for the upcoming year include legislative efforts in Sacramento, community engagement initiatives like "Coffee with the City Attorney," and technological upgrades for the Criminal Branch. Feldstein Soto discusses her close working relationship with Mayor Karen Bass, particularly in addressing homelessness and housing challenges, and has implemented innovative solutions like the public health and safety receivership for the Skid Row Housing Trust and the Community Outreach Court. She is focused on combating human trafficking, copper wire theft, nuisance abatement, and corruption, aiming to transform the City Attorney's office into a modern public law firm dedicated to justice and public service.

May 2, 2024

Transforming Exposition Park: A Vision for the Future

In a detailed interview with Andrea Ambriz, General Manager of Exposition Park's Master Plan, significant insights into the park's development over the past five years were unveiled. The Master Plan, focused on integrating diverse entities within the park, has made notable progress with multiple construction projects in motion, including expansions to renowned institutions like the Natural History Museum and the upcoming Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Furthermore, infrastructural enhancements, including the creation of green spaces and a multi-level parking facility, are poised to elevate Exposition Park into a premier destination. With the impending 2028 Olympics, the park is preparing to accommodate a surge in visitors while simultaneously enriching the pedestrian experience and fostering community involvement. This interview underscores the collaborative endeavors among stakeholders and underscores the park's potential to stand alongside iconic urban parks like Central Park and Millennium Park, marking a pivotal juncture in its evolution.

May 2, 2024

Leading the Way: USGBC California's Vision for Sustainable Water Management

USGBC California (USGBC-CA) has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative, the 50 Liter Home Coalition pilot project, aimed at significantly reducing water usage in California residences. Ben Stapleton, Executive Director of USGBC-CA, discusses the organization's expansion to engage all of California, highlighting the opportunity to share impactful programming and advocate for green building practices statewide. Through collaborations with global coalitions and innovative pilot projects, USGBC-CA is leading the way in addressing the state's water crisis through holistic approaches to water management and building sustainability. This event, the California Green Building Conference, promises to be a hub for discussions on workforce development, embodied carbon, circularity, and nature-based solutions. With keynote speakers including Kate Gordon and Obi Kaufmann, the conference aims to galvanize action towards sustainable building practices statewide. Join USGBC California on May 23rd at the Beehive by SoLa Impact in South LA to be part of this transformative conversation.

May 2, 2024

Advancing California's Climate Ambitions: A Conversation with CARB’s Liane Randolph

VXNews interview the significant strides made in transitioning towards zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in various weight classes, from light-duty to heavy-duty trucks, as well as encouraging developments in hydrogen and electric ferries. Despite challenges in reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT), Randolph emphasizes CARB's strategy to support transit and innovative mobility solutions, such as community-based e-bike programs. Also touched upon is the importance of charging infrastructure for medium and heavy-duty trucks, the role of utilities in meeting energy demands, and the ongoing collaboration with environmental justice groups and international partners like Quebec. Overall, Randolph underscores the necessity of collective collaboration and strategic planning to achieve California's ambitious climate goals and for advancing sustainable transportation initiatives

May 2, 2024

Zev Yaroslavsky’s Quality Of Life Index Survey Results

This fireside chat between Josh Haskell and Zev Yaroslavsky took place at the sixth annual UCLA Luskin Summit. Yaroslavsky presented the results from this year’s Quality of Life Index, which annually polls a cross-section of Los Angeles County residents to apprehend the public’s perception of the quality of their own lives. As the cost of living continues to rise and affordable housing remains deprioritized, Zev shared this year’s Survey Findings.


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