Land Use News in Review

November 11, 1988

Land Use News in Review: Slow Growth in Highland Park, Downtown, Brentwood-Style, and more!

Reduction at the Pavilion; Slow Growth in Highland Park; Fact or Fiction?: The Mini-Mall Moratorium; New Hotel on the Block, and City is Sued; Wasn't the Supreme Court Supposed to be Conservative?; Downtown, Brentwood-Style; and Council Approves all 27 Stories

October 30, 1988

Land Use News in Review: Galanter Plan, City Truck Ban, and more!

3 New Faces at Planning Commission; Governor Signs Two Clean-Air Bills & Vetoes High-Rise Sprinkler Legislation; Galanter Plan: Eliminate New Traffic; CRA Raises Statistics, Not Limit; Environmental Enforcement; Ban in the Hills?; Galanter Endorses Slow-Growther; New Transportation Chief; City Truck Ban; and Mar Vista Apt. Heights Lowered



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