David Kramer

December 30, 1988

"Vigilante Planning"

Judie de Turenne responds to a developer's comment that homeowner involvement in city planning is 'vigilante planning.'

December 30, 1988

Community Plan Revisions, or, “How To Do It Right”

Former Planning Deputy David Duncan writes on the Hollywood Community Plan Revision of 1988.

December 30, 1988

Insider Planning: Sewer Hook-ups, Blue Ribbon Committee, and more!

Mini-Malls; Permanent Sewer Hook-Up Ordinance; Transfer of Air Rights; Child Care Ordinance; Limiting the Maximum Square Footage; Floor-to-Area Ratio; Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee on Affordable Housing; Linkage Program; and more.

December 30, 1988

Update: Permanent Sewer Hook-Up Ordinance

Dan Garcia of Munger, Tolles & Olson critiques the Sewer Hook-Up Ordinance for imposing further barriers to development.

December 30, 1988

The Housing Problem: A Tale of Two Cities. The Planning Report’s Conversation with Gary Squier, Housing Coordinator for the Mayor’s Office

Housing Coordinator Gary Squier responds to questions on the Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee on housing.

November 30, 1988

Two Years at The Top: The Planning Report's Conversation with Kenneth Topping, Director for the City of Los Angeles' Planning Department

Planning Director Kenneth Topping discusses the current landscape of the Planning Department.

November 30, 1988

Business Responds: Guidelines for Managed Growth

The LA Area Chamber of Commerce's "The Realities of Growth Management."

November 30, 1988

Raising the CRA Cap: Pros and Cons

The beginning of an on-going trend for TPR: should the CRA cap be raised?

November 30, 1988

Development Fee Update: Blank Checks and Open-Ended Fee Conditions

Russ Building Partnership v. City and County of San Francisco, 44 Cal.3d 839 (1988) and Government Code Sections 66000 - 66003 establish new development fees.



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