June 2024

June 14, 2024

Brenda Levin FAIA, Recognized at USBCG-CA with Lifetime Achievement Award

Meticulous, innovative, creative, and possessing a unique sensibility toward placemaking—perfectly captures the essence of this well-deserved nomination of Brenda Levin, FAIA. The Board of Trustees commends Brenda for a lifetime of work that showcases the feasibility of preservation and paves a new path for the revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles—one that embraces its monuments rather than erases them.

June 13, 2024

Bridging the Gap: Advancing the Adoption of Hydrogen in Port Operations

As global supply chains push for greener solutions, ports face the challenge of integrating zero-emission technologies into their operations. This panel discussion, moderated by Brian Goldstein, a veteran in the alternative fuels space, explores the critical role of hydrogen in transforming the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach into sustainable hubs. Panelists from various sectors, including port authorities, labor unions, and technology providers, share insights into the complexities of adopting hydrogen technology, highlighting the need for collaboration, infrastructure development, and regulatory alignment. Sean A. Gamette and Michael Galvin, representing the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles respectively, delve into the challenges and strategies of achieving zero-emission cargo handling by 2030. They discuss the necessity of a balanced approach, combining grid power and hydrogen fuel cell technology, and the intricacies of master planning for terminal infrastructure. Sal DiCostanzo and Matthew Dickinson provide perspectives from the frontline, highlighting the importance of safety, training, and the economic implications of transitioning to hydrogen. Their collective insights illustrate the path forward, marked by innovative solutions, regulatory pressure, and the evolving demands of a sustainability-conscious market.

June 13, 2024

AltaSea: The Port of Los Angeles’ Institute for Advancing the Blue Economy

On May 29th supporters and dignitaries joined AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles for the ribbon cutting of the Center for Innovation at Berth 58 – a monumental milestone for AltaSea. The Center for Innovation is part of AltaSea’s $35 million transformation of three 100+ year old historic warehouses at the Port of Los Angeles into modern spaces for cutting-edge research, education, workforce development, and innovation around ocean-based solutions to climate change.

June 7, 2024

Book Review: Broken City, Land Speculation, Inequality, and Urban Crisis. by Setha Low, Ph.D.

Patrick M. Condon's book, *The Broken City: Land Speculation, Inequality, and Urban Crisis*, addresses the escalating housing costs and rents in major cities worldwide, attributing the crisis to land speculation, stagnant wages, and neoliberal policies. Through an analysis of historical data and economic theory, Condon explores the intricate relationships between land, labor, and capital, highlighting how rising land values and inadequate shelter contribute to socioeconomic inequality and health disparities, as starkly evidenced during the COVID-19 pandemic. He examines various international and local solutions, emphasizing the potential of modern land value taxes and zoning reforms to mitigate the urban housing crisis. Condon's comprehensive approach offers insightful strategies to create more equitable and sustainable urban environments.


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