July 30, 1992 - From the July, 1992 issue

DWP’s Water Offset Proposal for Development

The DWP’s water offset proposal for development, dormant for over a year, could reappear this year in the Council’s Commerce, Energy, and Natural Resources Committee. Below is a brief excerpt from that draft policy. 

A water offset shall be required for all projects within the City of Los Angeles for which a building permit is required and would result in a net increase in potable water use. The required quan­tity of water offset shall be equal to 50 percent of the net amount added. 


  1. Projects that do not require the pay­ment of a sewerage facilities charge.

  2. Affordable First-Time Home Ownership Project.

  3. Affordable Rental Housing Projects.

  4. Any project determined by the De­partment of Building and Safety to have a net zero water use addition to the City.

The applicant shall have two options for meeting the offset requirement of this policy.

Option 1 — Contributions to the Water Conservation/Reclamation Trust Fund

The applicant may choose to pay a fee to the Water Conservation/ Reclamation Trust Fund in lieu of providing the required offsets. The fee shall be set by the Board of Water and Power Commissioners. 


Option 2 — Developer-Installed Offsets 

The applicant may provide in­stallation of water conservation de­vices that will achieve the required level of offsets at locations within the City of Los Angeles of the applicant’s choosing subject to veri­fication and inspection by the City. 

The applicant shall submit an offset plan to the Department of Building and Safety.

The following may be used for determining an offset plan: 

  1. Installation of ultra-low-flush toilets. 

  2. Modification of process water uses. 

  3. Retrofit of permanent land scape irrigation systems for large turf areas.

Any unused offset credits may be used for future projects and are transferable.


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