February 28, 1991 - From the February, 1991 issue

Growth Management: The State’s Role

With a new legislative session in Sacramento and a new Governor have come a flurry of proposals for a state role in growth management.

One of the most closely watched proposals comes from Willie Brown, whose AB 4242 stirred interest dur­ing 1990. Speaker Brown has reintroduced his regional government mea­sure as AB 3 in the new legislative session. 

Like AB 4242, AB 3 would cre­ate regional development and infra­structure agencies in seven regions around the state. The bill’s most important new provision proposes a State Growth Management Commis­sion that would be charged with re­viewing the plans of state and re­gional agencies for consistency with a state plan. 

A proposal for true state plan­ning comes from Sam Farr’s AB 76. This bill would establish a Secretary of Planning to head a state planning agency which would prepare a com­prehensive state planning report. Every city, county or regional plan­ning agency would be required to file a report each year detailing its com­pliance with the state plan. 

Given Governor Wilson’s avowed opposition to regional governance, any adopted bill, while sure to be influenced by the Democratic legislature, may more closely re­semble Republican-sponsored bills. 


Republican Senator Marian Bergeson will soon introduce a new growth management bill which would create incentives for voluntary re­gional collaboration among local of­ficials and enable voluntary regional fiscal authorities to pay for regional scale public works. 

In a separate development, Governor Wilson, who comes to his post with strong growth management credentials from his days as Mayor of San Diego, in January announced the creation of an interagency Council on Growth Management. Wilson named Los Angeles attorney Richard Sybert, already named as the director of Wilson’s Office of Planning and Re­search (OPR), to head the Council. Wilson has also designated Sybert and OPR as his advisor on all growth management issues.

This new interagency Council will be comprised of officials from agencies affected by growth man­agement and land use decisions, in­cluding the State Departments of Housing, Transportation, and Water Resources.


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