September 23, 2021 - From the September, 2021 issue

Former Mayors & Governors Support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

Washington, D.C. — Today, a group of former mayors and governors released the following statement supporting the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework.

“As former elected Mayors and Governors, we understand how crucially important it is to improve and modernize America’s infrastructure. The country and Congress have been debating for years the need to update and invest in vital projects, so we are pleased that both Democratic and Republican Senators have come together to propose the largest long-term infrastructure investment in nearly a century.

We know first-hand the overwhelming need for improvement. We can give you examples from across the country, in our cities and states, of worthy projects postponed or cancelled for lack of funding and imagination. We now must build a 21st century infrastructure to support a 21st century economy.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework includes policy and funding solutions for our most pressing problems and challenges. Americans need improved roads and bridges, broadband, transit, energy, water systems, and climate solutions—and we need to be designing and building for the future. The Framework also allows for programs to support projects of regional and national significance—an idea long overdue—projects that would not otherwise receive funding.


Again, as former elected officials we recognize the needs in our communities and applaud the bipartisan work in the Senate and the House, but it is now time to solve this problem and invest in the U.S. infrastructure that sustains our daily lives and the economy. 

We stand ready to work with either side of the aisle in the House and Senate, and with the White House to accomplish this goal.” 



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